About Saye Plumbing​

Company History

Saye Plumbing Contractors Inc. serves the residential construction industry and was formed and founded by Larry Theiss in 1982. Mr. Theiss served on the board of the Responsible Plumbers Association, retaining a respected name in the industry.  Upon his passing in 2009, his son, David Theiss moved into the position of Responsible Master Plumber, continuing his legacy. We are committed to making the plumbing trade in the State of Texas the best it can be.

Saye Plumbing Contractors Inc. provide new residential construction, remodeling, and repair services to Houston and the surrounding areas. We are a proud member of the Greater Houston Builders Association and the Better Business Bureau. Our administrative staff offers vast experience in the plumbing trade after meaning years in the industry. Over the years we have completed thousands of homes, with the highest level of knowledge and workmanship. We are supported by many manufacturers and wholesalers to offer you all the national brands. Offering a business relationship that will exceed all expectations, we believe that our company would be an asset to you as a home builder.

Saye Plumbing contractors inc.

Saye Plumbing Contractors always strives to exceed its best.